The Sabmyk Network: How a mysterious disinformation network is hijacking QAnon

The QAnon community is in a period of immense change. The conspiracy theory-turned-cult is built upon the idea that Donald Trump is destined to defeat…

12/02/2021 - Gregory Davis
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Magazine: QAnon stormtroopers preparing to battle for Trump

NO MATTER how hard President Trump was pushed at NBC’s Town Hall debate this October, he simply refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy. “I know…

21/10/2020 - Nick Lowles
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Pretender to the Throne

With the endless Brexit bickering followed immediately by a global pandemic, you might have missed another bit of important news that has taken place over…

23/09/2020 - Gregory Davis
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The UK’s emerging conspiracy theory street movements

Last Saturday, over a hundred protesters marched to Buckingham Palace, where a section angrily chanted “paedophiles” outside the gates. Some protestors bore signs referencing QAnon,…

28/08/2020 - David Lawrence
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