The Shocking Far-Right Fantasies of Reform UK candidate Beau Dade

A Reform Party candidate fantasised about deporting “millions” of British citizens to “rid itself of the foreign plague we have been diseased with”. UPDATE: Reform…

21/03/2024 - Gregory Davis
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2021 Elections: far right battered at the ballot

The far right has been thrashed at the 2021 elections, but the battle against prejudiced politics remains as vital as ever.

11/05/2021 - David Lawrence
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Reform UK: cranks and bigots back on the ballot

Once again, the rebadged Brexit Party is standing cranks and bigots for election, despite charging prospective candidates a “vetting fee”.

26/04/2021 - Gregory Davis
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2021 Elections: An Overview

This includes roughly 5,000 positions across 143 local councils, 129 members of the Scottish Parliament, 60 members of the Welsh Senedd, 25 London Assembly members,…

09/04/2021 - Right Response Team
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