Afghan refugees: A bitter end, a new beginning?

#Those Coming Here #Fear & Despair #Coming To The UK #Desperation #Expectations #Where Will They Live? #Mental Health Pressures #Settled In The UK #A Two-Tier…

23/08/2021 - Nick Ryan
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Trump boycotts UN migration plans

This decision is likely to please “America First” Trump voters but has already prompted criticism from other UN member states. Vienna has openly criticised the…

06/12/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Trump imposes stricter refugee controls as he wrestles with travel bans

The decision to allow refugees to enter the US was announced last Tuesday, as the 120-day travel ban came to an end. Trump’s executive order,…

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Failed Defend Europe mission comes to an end

Today’s setback was clearly the final straw for a project that has been dogged by mishaps and opposition since it first started. Despite trying to…

17/08/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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