Owner and crew of Defend Europe ship arrested over “people smuggling”

The credibility of the Defend Europe mission was in tatters today, as it emerged that the ship chartered by far-right extremists to stop refugees entering…

27/07/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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Defend Europe ship ‘arrested’ in Port Suez

Unconfirmed accounts indicate the ship may have been halted in dramatic circumstances, with the navy surrounding the vessel and taking over responsibility. However, an employee…

20/07/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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Defend Europe heads to the Med

Since first breaking the story in May, HOPE not hate has been monitoring the activities of ‘Defend Europe’, a mission by far-right activists to hinder…

14/07/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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The Mediterranean graveyard of Europe

The image of the sinking boat overloaded with refugees has become a symbol of the ongoing disaster on the Mediterranean Sea. The thousands of men,…

30/06/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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