Far Right Roundup

So, here is what we know: the President of the United States has re-tweeted three items by Britain First’s Jayda Fransen. How Mr Trump came across…

04/12/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Britain First recruit EDL’s super-brain

  It would appear the transfer window does not apply to just football clubs. No, even the naughty, nutty, neo-Nazis like to jump from one…

18/07/2017 - Matthew Collins
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UKIP racism roundup

HOPE not hate has recently offered to help UKIP vet its Parliamentary candidates, bringing a few troublesome representatives to its attention in a recent blog….

31/05/2017 - David Lawrence
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Foul Islamophobia of UKIP Calderdale candidate Christopher Michael Baksa

Christopher Michael Baksa Christopher Michael Baksa is on Thursday standing for UKIP in Calderdale’s Luddendenfoot & Walsden ward. Judging by his Facebook page his pitch…

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