Left-Wing Antisemitism: An Explainer

Ahead of the publication of the EHRC investigation into antisemitism in the Labour party, Senior Research Dr. Joe Mulhall looks at the issue of anti-Jewish…

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Coronavirus and the far right
No, the mosques aren’t open.

Viral misinformation In the last few days, three UK police forces have taken to social media to refute fake news being spread about Muslims supposedly…

01/04/2020 - Gregory Davis
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Deplatforming Works:
Let’s Get On With It

With far-right extremists able to attract huge audiences and real damage being inflicted on our communities, deplatforming may not be a straightforward issue, but it limits the reach of online hate.

04/10/2019 - Joe Mulhall
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Twitter bans nazis

Twitter has launched a “purge” of its platform, shutting down accounts based on new rules against abuse and threats of violence. The notorious leaders of…

18/12/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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