Disability charity worker Jules Brownlee in Nazi death camp jibe.

Far right flag-waver Julie Brownlee has boasted of how she abused a Jewish man over the festive season. Brownlee, of Lowestoft, posted on Facebook of…

31/12/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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‘Whatever happened to..?’

As part of an irregular series in looking at what has happened to members of the far-right since we last mentioned them, today we are…

31/05/2017 - Duncan Cahill
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Far-right roundup

There’s been some not inconsiderable upset following last Saturday’s disastrous anti-immigration march by the far-right in Croydon. First of all, apologies from my youthful colleague…

10/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Polish Nazis to join anti-immigration rally outside closed offices

Whenever Britain’s moronic neo-Nazis hold their irregular and irrelevant demonstrations, they always react badly to being photographed. It does kind of defeat the purpose of…

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