Tommy Robinson breaks court injunction and could be heading back to prison

UPDATE – 8th November 2023: Tommy Robinson has confirmed that the Attorney General will be commencing legal proceedings against him. UPDATE – 15th June 2023:…

08/06/2023 - Nick Lowles
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Far Right Round Up

When is a fascist not a fascist? the answer is, when the fascists tell the free press they are not a fascist! Confused? You probably…

04/06/2021 - Matthew Collins
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The Government’s weaponisation of free speech could benefit the far right

The Holocaust ended 76 years ago, it is one of the most documented historical events ever, yet people still deny it. How will inviting deniers onto campuses help this?

20/05/2021 - Joe Mulhall
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a speech bubble with the words "free speech" written inside
Free Speech and the Far Right: The Challenges and a Solution

In this week’s final piece, we look at the challenges posed by far-right free speech narratives and explore the effective, yet complex, solution of deplatforming.

25/09/2020 - Juliana Rordorf
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