Far-Right Roundup

Other than the curry, no week is the same in this job. Take Monday (please). Alison Chabloz of bog roll and Holocaust denying infamy went…

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Charity cheat Brannigan takes Football Lads managerial role

Notoriously divisive far right activist Pamela Brannigan has secured a managerial position with the relegation battling Football Lads Alliance (FLA). Brannigan has stepped up after…

17/04/2018 - Sarah Archibald
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Sunderland’s ‘Billy Liar’ accused of plundering prison fund

There’s never a dull moment in the North East, home to many of the lowliest of Britain’s far right thugs. This weekend was no exception….

16/10/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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Sunderland’s Nazi gangs continue their arguments

    Previously we have written extensively about the ongoing arguments between convicted thug and drug dealer Warren Faulkner and ‘Caps Lock’ legend Billy Charlton….

30/04/2017 - Duncan Cahill
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