Far Right Seek to Exploit Campaign Against Asylum Seekers Accommodation in Llanelli 

Well known far-right extremists are heading to the Welsh town of Llanelli to exploit local tensions and recruit new members  Over the last two years,…

20/07/2023 - Right Response Team
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Local Elections 2023: Candidate Round-up

The past few years have been miserable for the electoral far right, with the highlights of the Brexit Referendum result and the Brexit Party’s victory…

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Is this the worst councillor in the UK?

Racist, corrupt and dishonest – this UKIP councillor from Clacton might be the worst we’ve ever discovered. HOPE not hate has had the unfortunate duty…

20/03/2023 - Gregory Davis
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2022 Elections: Far Right Rejected at the Polls… Again

With many results now in, it looks as if the 2022 local elections have again been disastrous for the electoral far right, who have been…

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