A photo of the US Capitol building, home of Congress, Washington D.C.
From Charlottesville to the corridors of Congress

This week’s events in DC show us authoritarianism is not going away anytime soon, argues Matthew McGregor. In fact, the insurrection could be a radicalising…

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Magazine: Fear & HOPE – Can America survive a Trump loss?

Brand new polling commissioned for HOPE not hate’s Fear & HOPE project reveals the deep divisions which are driving polarisation in modern America.

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Magazine: If Trump loses, then what?

There are many paths immediately after the US elections, and not many of them are good explain Steven Gardiner and Ben Lorber.

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Magazine: The world holds its breath

Trump’s removal gives us the best chance to reset the international landscape and reassert the primacy – once more – of hope over hatred.

26/10/2020 - Nick Lowles
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