Katie Hopkins promotes far-right event featuring infamous antisemite

Once a television personality and columnist for The Sun and Mail Online, Katie Hopkins has continued her descent into the far-right gutter by publicising a conference…

03/01/2019 - David Lawrence
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Twitter bans nazis

Twitter has launched a “purge” of its platform, shutting down accounts based on new rules against abuse and threats of violence. The notorious leaders of…

18/12/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Battle for cartoon frog co-opted by alt-right continues

The popular meme is being used as a mascot for alt-right and far-right groups to spread racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic content online. Matt Furie, the…

25/09/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Alt-Right Violence In America

Berkeley, California was the site of another clash between members of the ‘Alt-Right’ and anti-fascists on Saturday, with estimates of between 500 to 1,000 people…

19/04/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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