UKIP youth group to host far-right extremist Martin Sellner

Sellner, the face of the Europe-wide far-right youth movement Generation Identity (GI), became a celebrity on the international far right for leading “Defend Europe” in…

27/02/2018 - Charlie Prentice
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Revealed – UKIP Youth Leader’s Assault Caution

Jamie Ross McKenzie, Chair of UKIP’s controversial youth wing, Young Independence (YI), was once given a police caution for common assault after abusing a bouncer…

21/09/2016 - David Lawrence
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“Far-right lynch mob” takes over UKIP’s Youth Conference

UKIP’s youth wing Young Independence (YI) has been criticised on Twitter by Suzanne Evans, UKIP’s Parliamentary spokesperson, for allowing a “far right lynch mob” to…

04/08/2016 - David Lawrence
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