Gilad Atzmon heads to Reading

The controversial jazz player Gilad Atzmon is due to launch his latest book at an event, organised by Reading Friends of Palestine, as part of…

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Golders Green: Balancing Fear and Racism

In the summer of 2015, we were approached by various Jewish organisations asking for our advice in creating a community-led response to a planned neo-nazi…

19/10/2017 - Jemma Levene
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‘Disgraceful and deplorable’ celebration of Ukrainian anti-Semitic nationalist leader

The city of  Vinnitsa, in west central Ukraine, once a historic center of Jewish life in the country, has decided to celebrate an anti-Semitic nationalist…

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HNH explains… the Red Pill

The metaphor has its origins in the 1999 science fiction film, The Matrix, where the main character Neo is given a choice between taking a Red…

18/10/2017 - Patrik Hermansson
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