An attack on one is an attack on all

As I write this, one person is dead and 10 others are injured after a van was driven into worshippers outside a mosque in Finsbury Park,…

19/06/2017 - Nick Lowles
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Jo Cox: one year on

A brilliant, vivacious woman, Jo was a fierce and passionate campaigner for the dispossessed, the poor, and her constituents. She took a deep interest in…

16/06/2017 - Nick Lowles
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10 seats and stats to watch out for tonight

1. UKIP won Clacton in 2015 but Douglas Carwell’s decision to leave the party and then subsequently not stand for re-election is handing the seat back to…

08/06/2017 - Nick Lowles
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What young people think about this election

Nearly two-thirds of young people say that they are certain to vote in Thursday’s General Election, which, if it happens, could see them play a…

03/06/2017 - Nick Lowles
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