After Manchester – How Do We Go Forwards?

Britain is still reeling from the dreadful attack in Manchester on Monday night. The indiscriminate killing of children is inexcusable and has stoked (understandable) anger,…

24/05/2017 - Nick Lowles
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The anatomy of a campaign

The site of our huge campaign in 2010, Dagenham & Rainham is again in the front line of our 2017 campaign. Our campaign team is…

22/05/2017 - Nick Lowles
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UKIP is on the ropes, now let’s win over its voters

UKIP lost every one of the 146 county council seats it was defending in last week’s county council elections and only gained one seat in…

11/05/2017 - Nick Lowles
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This election campaign will be our most targeted and sophisticated to date

While the UKIP vote appears to be on the slide across the country and it is consumed by bitter infighting, it is clear that the increasingly…

29/04/2017 - Nick Lowles
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