We offer a range of high quality training sessions for private and public sector organisations to help make your workplace as an inclusive place to work as possible. Each session is facilitated by a highly skilled HOPE not hate trainer and can be delivered either in-person or online and tailored to your organisation’s needs. Learn more about our offer, and how to get in touch to learn more, below.


Overview: The human brain is hardwired with all sorts of mechanisms that we have evolved to help make the world easier for us to understand. However, as society becomes ever more complex, these simple mechanisms show their flaws and produce various institutional prejudices. Once we understand how and why they work we can be proactive in creating a fairer workplace and society.

Aim: This workshop’s purpose is for participants to explore how various structural biases and social power dynamics act in maintaining inequality and for them to analyses the effect these have in the workplace.


Overview: People are becoming increasingly intolerant of inappropriate comments being made in the workplace. However, is there a way we can call people out on these comments without creating arguments?

Aim: This session offers effective methods for dealing with prejudicial remarks in the workplace, without descending into hostilities. We explore practices that seek to understand people’s perspectives, rather than focus on their objectionable conclusions. Participants will feel confident in having more in-depth conversations with people who have prejudicial views and will have got to grips with the principles of empathetic listening and Socratic questioning.


Overview: HOPE not hate is the world’s leading authority on the extreme right and are giving educational institutions the opportunity to learn from our extensive research built up over decades. Young people, in particular, are growing up with an ever-growing interwoven digital and “real” life. The digital world offers a whole host of exciting possibilities, but these are unfortunately being exploited by extreme hate groups. To meet this new threat, we have put together a comprehensive training session to safeguarding against these new threats as part of your organisation’s Prevent duties.

Aims: For frontline staff to gain a stronger understanding the new extreme right-wing threat online, what the threat is and signs of radicalisation to look out for.

“We would like to extend our thanks to Owen Jones at HOPE not Hate for putting on the Unconscious Bias workshop for the MH team. It was both an enlightening and hugely beneficial session, exploring the impact of a number of different forms of ‘bias’ and how they manifest themselves in the modern world. It was fantastic to see every person in the session being encouraged by Owen to take part and contribute and I know that we all came away from the workshop feeling that we had widened our understanding of the flaws in certain aspects of society. Owen made it extremely easy for us to have an open and challenging debate, all done virtually and we would be delighted to work with Owen and the team again in the future.”

Hugh Gardner, Marriott Harrison LLP

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