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At HOPE not hate, our mission is to work tirelessly to expose and oppose far-right extremism.

Our work focuses on the organised far right, the communities who are susceptible to them and the issues and policies which give rise to them. We build skills and resilience across communities and civil society organisations, creating an alternative narrative of togetherness and unity.

We leverage the power of HOPE by creating a platform for ordinary people to do the extraordinary. That includes supporting the wider sector to have greater impact in opposing hatred in all its forms through more effective collaboration and sharing of skills, promoting social cohesion and defending Britain’s multicultural and multiracial society.

Through our work, we defend, champion and promote democracy and the rule of law; speaking out against anti-democratic and authoritarian forces and policies.

To do all of this, we work to build, nurture and safeguard a powerful team of staff, volunteers and supporters, including investing in staff and volunteer learning and development.

With our roots firmly and proudly in the British antifascist movement, our approach is always to use a strategic approach, remaining agile and meeting and overcoming threats to this day, continually researching and reassessing the political and extremist landscape we face, ready to meet the challenges we face.


We are living in rapidly changing and unpredictable times. Longstanding problems of racism, divided communities and the economic and political consequences of globalisation and de-industrialisation, are now supplemented by new pressures and trends. The growing threat of international far right terrorism, particularly amongst young people, and the mainstreaming and the increasingly complex and sometimes unconventional nature of hate rhetoric in public discourse, generates new fears and challenges.

Our first priority remains the organised far right, the communities who are susceptible to them and the issues and policies which give rise to them.

Our team includes researchers, educators, community activists and policy experts, as well as specialists with inside access to far right groups.

We realise our vision through challenging racism, hatred and extremism in all its forms. We always look to leverage hope – supporting and empowering people to build the stronger, more resilient, inclusive and hopeful communities they want to be part of, where the power of hope overcomes hate. We work to support powerful and effective local, national and international political, societal and economic ecosystems, and we challenge attempts by promoters of hateful ideology to gain public platforms, both online and in real life.

HOPE not hate represents a value system, a framework for society and how we want to live our lives within that. It is about community not individuals; peace not conflict; solidarity not self-interest; respect not abuse; resilience not fragmentation; togetherness not isolation; collaboration not competition.

We are passionate, committed and determined.

And in these increasingly unstable and uncertain times, we are here to offer hope, to demonstrate that hate and division can be overcome.

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