Old Warley -- BNP loses again

| Sunday, 28 November 2004

The BNP lost yet another council by-election in an area where they had high hopes of victory. Despite putting up the prominent BNP officer Simon Smith as the candidate, the party only took 16% in the Old Warley ward of Sandwell on 25 November, coming third out of four. Voters clearly thought one BNP councillor in Sandwell was quite enough. The... Read more

Torbay by-election

| Friday, 12 November 2004

The BNP is now standing in so many council by-elections that it is becoming difficult to keep track. One we missed during the run-up to the June European and council elections was the Torbay council by-election in Roundham with Hyde ward on 20 May 2004. Michael Turner came a very poor sixth out of eight candidates with 6.2%. Turner, 64, who... Read more

BNP trails in last in Cheshire by-election

| Thursday, 11 November 2004

The BNP picked up a mere 81 votes in a council by-election in Ellesmere Port on 11 November despite bussing in activists from as far away as Burnley and Chester to help in the campaign. The low turnout of just 18% might have been expected to favour David Joines as the BNP had canvassed the Stanlow and Wolverham ward extensively... Read more