BNP facing accounts fine

| Friday, 27 August 2004

THE British National Party faces a fine for failing to file its annual accounts with the UK Elections Watchdog. A spokesman for the Electoral Commission said the far right group should have handed over its financial details by July 7 and was then given an extension to the end of last month but failed to meet that. The Commission is... Read more

Row as BNP urges firms to boycott the Chronicle

By HoldtheFrontPage staff | Monday, 16 August 2004

A row has broken out between the Oldham Evening Chronicle and the British National Party after it called for local businesses to stop advertising in the paper. The Chronicle has reported that around 200 letters have been sent out from local party leader Mick Treacy telling local companies that if they do not do as he says he will tell... Read more

Two More Arrested as Result of BBC's BNP Documentary

| Monday, 16 August 2004

Police investigating claims made in an undercover documentary on the British National Party arrested two men today for allegedly sending malicious communication. The pair, who have not been named, were questioned by West Yorkshire Police, who are probing revelations made in the BBC programme Secret Agent. A 40-year-old man from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was charged with sending malicious communication, while... Read more

BNP faces internal revolt and financial turmoil

By Matthew Taylor | Monday, 2 August 2004

Plan to admit non-white members may prove fatal for far-right leader as demoralised members begin to rebel The British National party, which fielded a record number of candidates in this year's local and European elections, is in disarray, with senior figures leading a revolt against the chairman, Nick Griffin, and growing concern about the organisation's financial situation. The BNP got... Read more