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10 Reasons To Oppose Nuttall

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Monday, 28 November 2016, 14:40

After months of profound crisis, UKIP announced today that Paul Nuttall has been elected leader. While he is not as well-known as Nigel Farage, his views are every bit as hardline.

Below are 10 reasons why we should stand in opposition to Nuttall's UKIP.

1. Nuttall has strongly supported Farage's 'Breaking Point' billboard

When questioned about the billboard – which some commentators compared to Nazi propagandaNuttall defended the poster as an “absolutely correct” depiction of the “deluge of people coming from the Middle East”.

2. He believes there is a secret coordinated Muslim plot to become a majority in Europe

In an article entitledStop calling them all refugees – they’re not” in his column in lad mag the Midweek Sport, Nuttall defended the much-discredited theory of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, before stating:

We are importing Muslims into Europe in Biblical proportions and if demographics are anything to go by, in some European countries they will either be the majority or close to it by the end of the 21st century. We only have to listen to the chilling words of Sheikh Muhammad Ayed to understand how dangerous this is. He recently said in a speech at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that Muslim immigrants should breed with the Europeans to “conquer their countries”. And we are encouraging this through our bleeding liberal hearts”.

3. In a speech in the European Parliament, Nuttall labelled the response of the EU to the refugee crisis as “freedom of movement of Jihad”

In the same speech, made at the height of the humanitarian emergency in September 2015, he stated: “Let me make it clear: what we have in Europe at the moment is not a refugee crisis. It is an economic migrant crisis”.

4. He wants to ban the burqa

Nuttall called for the UK Government to ban the garment in all public buildings on International Women’s Day, 1 March 2016, “whether they claim it’s their ‘religious right’ or not”. In response to Amnesty International’s claim that wearing the burqa is a human right, he claimed “It isn’t. It’s just a piece of material”.

5. Nuttall has called for the NHS to be privatised

Nuttall has called the NHSa monolithic hangover from days gone by”, and stated that: “I would like to see more free markets introduced into the health service, because this is the way we have to go”.

6. He wants a 31% flat rate of tax, meaning the rich pay far less

Nuttall outlined his policy in a 2013 article ironically entitled “UKIP Champions the Working Classes”. The flat tax has since been dumped by Farage in favour of a “two-tier” flat tax which would be "seen to be fairer".

7. He wants prison conditions to be made deliberately worse and the 1967 Criminal Justice Act to be abolished

Nuttall has claimed that “our prisons are far too soft” and has alluded to bringing back “hard labour” for prisoners. He believes that the Criminal Justice Act, which gave “a huge boost for the rights of prisoners”, was a major societal misstep. He also believes in the return of the death penalty, which would make Britain and Belarus – a military dictatorship – the only two countries in Europe that execute prisoners.

8. Nuttall believes climate change is a "hair-brained theory"

Nuttall has also called global warming a money led scam, and has also called for Al Gore’s climate change film “An Inconvenient Truth” to be banned from schools. Nuttall supports investing in fracking rather than wind farms.

9. Was one of only 14 MEPs to vote against a crackdown on the illegal ivory trade

647 MEPs voted in favour of the April 2014 European Parliament resolution, designed to “send a clear signal against worldwide wildlife trafficking”. Of the fourteen MEPS opposing the resolution, six were from UKIP.

10. Opposes same-sex marriage

Need we say any more?

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UKIP Co-Organises “Freedom Award” For European Extreme Right

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Friday, 4 November 2016, 14:01

UKIP has provoked anger in Sweden for its role in arranging an extreme-right networking event, to take place in Stockholm’s Grand Hotel this evening.

The “European Freedom Awards”, organised in conjunction with the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), indicates a deepening of existing ties between UKIP and the European far right.

The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Four hundred guests have been invited to the event, including what the SD has called “our friend parties in Europe” and “other parties like us”.

A prize for “increased national autonomy and democracy” will be awarded to former Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Klaus is known for his hostility towards homosexuality and for labelling migration “a method with which to dilute the current European countries.”

Also attending is Mischael Modrikamen, who has been described as Belgium’s Donald Trump, and former Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas, impeached in 2004 for suspected links to Russian organised crime. Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the event.

The most worrying group known to be attending are the event co-organisers the Sweden Democrats. The SD was founded by a former member of Hitler’s SS and had to ban members from wearing Nazi uniforms to its meetings in 1996.

Mattias Karlsson of the Sweden Democrats delivering a talk on migration

Mattias Karlsson of the Sweden Democrats delivering a talk on migration

Despite their extreme platform, UKIP and the SD have enjoyed a cosy relationship since UKIP invited the SD into the newly-formed European Parliament group “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy” (EFDD) in 2014, alongside an assortment of Holocaust deniers and xenophobes.

Evidence of a social as well as political friendship in Brussels has since surfaced. It has been alleged that UKIP so values its relationship with the SD that it was prepared to abandon an ethnic-minority advisor in Brussels who had filed an official complaint of racial abuse against an SD member.

Further evidence of this troubling relationship was provided when the chairman of the SD’s youth group was guest speaker at the UKIP youth conference in July, receiving a standing ovation for a speech in which he made vile jokes about foreigners.

UKIP has repeatedly denied being a racist party but away from the watching eye of the British public its supposedly principled rejection of the extreme right has proved hollow. UKIP’s continued cooperation helps legitimise far-right movements, extending to them the cover of UKIP’s more mainstream populist image.

UKIP’s role in organising the so called “Freedom Award” in Stockholm tonight also reveals that it is now actively creating opportunities for some of the most alarming reactionaries in Europe to forge ever closer bonds.

Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the European Freedom Awards

Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the European Freedom Awards

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