Exclusive: Nazi terror group back on the scene

01 08 17

Revealed for the first time, this is the new secretive leader of the banned terror group National Action (NA).

Christopher Lythgoe of National Action

And this is the secret warehouse-cum-training camp, in Warrington, that the group uses for recruitment and terror training.

National Action’s warehouse in Warrington

Warehouse worker Christopher Lythgoe, 33, of Greymist Avenue in Warrington, has skilfully managed to stay out of the limelight and work quietly behind the scenes rebuilding the group out of the spotlight – unlike his predecessors Ben Raymond and Alex Davies who formed the group back in 2011.

Only a very select few of NA’s remaining 80 activists are even aware of who the camera-shy Lythgoe is, or the exact location where the group trains.

National Action’s warehouse in Warrington

We can exclusively reveal that National Action is actively recruiting, training and working out of this converted warehouse in Warrington.

Despite not knowing the location of their “head office”, all remaining members of National Action are financially contributing to the £4560 per annum it costs to rent their secret bunker, as well as the cost of refurbishing and turning the warehouse into a gym with an office.

Christopher Lythgoe of National Action

According to sources inside NA and neighbours of the rather nondescript looking warehouse next to a primary school on an industrial estate, up to a dozen NA members from across the country regularly train inside the warehouse using knives and baseball bats.

Although the group has purchased crash mats and boxing gloves for their gym, there is no protective headgear for their midweek and weekend fight clubs.

On at least one occasion, members have been ferried to a local hospital to deal with injuries sustained while Lythgoe puts them through their paces in preparation for the “race war” he and the other leaders of the group feel is imminent.

Chris McCarthy, the group’s strongman

NA members and supporters who are invited to train under Lythgoe’s tutelage arrive at the “bunker” after being ferried from the train station in a taxi driven by a trusted member and cabbie, Chris McCarthy, from Huyton, who drives for a company based in Knowsley.

McCarthy, who weighs in at over 20 stone, is the group’s strongman who also acts as look out for police or journalists who may be stalking the group’s activities.

So trusted with the group’s secrets is McCarthy, that he is regularly despatched by Lythgoe to court cases where NA members may be tempted to talk to the media. The penalty for doing so is to have McCarthy drive you somewhere quiet in the back of his taxi for a “talking to”.


Even trusted activists from as far away as London and Scotland are searched by McCarthy before getting either into his taxi, or going into the group’s secret gym.

But there is trouble brewing within the group. HOPE not hate has maintained, since NA was banned in December last year and provided evidence of it again this year, that the group would continue (and it does continue) both in Scotland under the name Scottish Dawn and in the North West of England, where the group is openly recruiting to NA using the name NS131.

‘Scottish Dawn’ (aka National Action)

Ben Raymond, its fallen ideological leader, has even produced a slick video for the cover group ‘NS131’ in the belief (as he bragged) that the group would and could simply pick up after the government’s proscription order.

Scottish Dawn, the Scottish version of NA launched by Raymond, may be advertising meetings on its slick new site, but this is simply to draw in gullible journalists and antifascists into falling for faux stories.

Raymond, as we exclusively revealed earlier this year, built the Scottish Dawn website as well as engaging in sick fantasies about sexually assaulting many of those who may be gullible enough to try and infiltrate or expose the group.

Convicted National Action paedophile Ryan Fleming (via Telegraph & Argus)

This fantasy is shared by a large number of the group still, none more so than convicted paedophile Ryan Fleming who also shared fantasies about sexually assaulting opponents.

Ben Raymond, National Action’s co-founder

Raymond and Davies, the two founding members of the group, now believe it is time that National Action was handed back to them. Davies wants to ‘buy’ the group back.

Raymond moved to Swansea from Sussex after the group was banned last year. There he and Davies thought they could oversee the continuation of National Action under Lythgoe’s secret leadership.

With this in mind they instructed Lythgoe to find a premises close to himself where he could train recruits until such a time they felt it safe to take over control of the organisation under a series of new names (part of a ‘National Socialist Network’ that Raymond had dreamed up).

Just to give an idea or a flavour of how much money the NA founders have at their disposal (via a series of pyramid schemes and Raymond’s own dwindling inheritance), until a month ago they actually employed Lythgoe to be the caretaker of the gym.

The problem for Raymond and Davies is that Lythgoe is not for letting go of the group and nor is he in favour of a name change.

Christopher Lythgoe of National Action

Like Raymond, Lythgoe shares an obsession with obscurities and absurdities; like Raymond, he obsesses about either terrorist or genocidal groups such as the Baader Meinhof Gang, The Khmer Rouge, Islamic State (ISIS) and even the Reverend Jim Jones.

Ben Raymond: National Action co-founder and fantasist

Both men are single. Lythgoe lives at home with his parents. When he joined National Action in 2014, it was his shared interest in genocide and all things about death and destruction that saw Lythgoe given temporary charge of the group in 2015 when both Raymond and Davies suffered “emotional problems” and took breaks from the stresses of running the nazi network.

Lythgoe took charge of National Action again late in 2016, when a ban was imminent and Raymond and Davies were expecting prison sentences.

Alex Davies, co-founder of National Action

Having taken control of the group, the secretive Lythgoe has gone out of his way to express dissatisfaction with Raymond’s cowardice. He has also allowed the criminal suspect Garron Helm back into the group because Helm, unlike Raymond, has been “on the front line.”

National Action’s Garron Helm, once imprisoned for antisemitic tweets

Meanwhile, despite a number of recent humiliations at the hands of HNH, Raymond still tells anyone who will listen to him, that the organisation is secure and free from dissent. Scottish Dawn and NS131 are both ways of undermining Lythgoe.

Since having his funding cut off by Raymond and Davies just over a month ago, Lythgoe has had to leave his personal library on genocide at home and humiliatingly go and find work. However, he is not without support within the group in the North West.

It is Lythgoe who leads the terror gang and it is Lythgoe who is preparing the followers for terror. Changing its name really did make no difference to the group at all.


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