Tommy’s Irish problem

Matthew Collins - 18 02 12
For their next trick; the Scottish, the Welsh and the Cornish?

For their next trick; the Scottish, the Welsh and the Cornish?

Would the EDL deport Tommy’s mummy?

How many times have we heard that Stephen Yaxley Lennon the EDL leader who hides behind the name Tommy Robinson, is proud of his Irish heritage?

I think it is something like 745 times.

He and his cousin Kevin Carroll used to always bang on about being the children of migrants. “How can I be a racist?” big Kev would ask incredulously. “Me and Tommy are the children of Irish immigrants.”

In another case of the EDL’s growing “English” problem, The EDL has now decided that it would like to deport all of the Irish from Britain. No excuses, they’re all going back! And this is not racism, either. No of course not.

Because the “RA” (that’s how kids in the know shorten IRA) wants “Brits out of Ireland” the EDL says it now wants all of this Irish out of Britain. Apparently, not even the “good” ones like my parents or even Tommy’s parents can stay here, either. They’re outta here….!

Of course, some of this stupidity will boil over today in Liverpool where there is a memorial march by members and supporters of the Irish community in Britain.

It’s like living in the 1980’s just lately…


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