Strong Communities

We know that places which are strong and united are more resilient to hate, and that’s why we work to strengthen communities and build hope.

We work strategically to build networks, to share learning, and to listen to what people have to say about their community. We work with residents in some of the most divided communities in the UK to build connections and develop a shared positive sense of place.

Our team can offer the tools, tactics and strategy that communities, local authorities and third sector organisations will find useful should they find that hate has come to their town, and we are always willing to share our expertise and experience with partners and organisations looking to make their own communities resilient and resourceful.

Fear and HOPE

Our groundbreaking Fear & HOPE reports have explored what pulls us apart but at the same time what brings us together. For over a decade, these reports have identifies the drivers of fear and hope and the triggers that push people from one to the other.

Read our Fear & HOPE reports


HOPE not hate exists to challenge all kinds of extremism and build local communities. Our work focuses on the organised far-right, the communities who are susceptible to them and the issues and policies which give rise to them.

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