The truth about “Snowy”

Matthew Collins - 15 06 12
Shaw: A cruel and inhumane individual

Shaw: A cruel and inhumane individual

News broke yesterday how a Llama farmer in Yorkshire pleaded guilty to causing ‘unnecessary suffering leading to death’ and two counts of ‘not providing a suitable diet’ and failing to protect his llamas from pain, suffering and disease.’

The farmer in question pleaded poverty; he told the court that he just could not afford to feed these poor animals, so they starved to death. It was by all accounts, an agonising, slow and painful death right in front of his house.

By all accounts, Llamas are a very friendly animal. Some Llama farmers say they’re as friendly and as intelligent as dogs. When a Llama likes you, it blows warm air into your face (known as a ‘whiffle’). In America, some psychologists believe that Llamas actually reduce stress and can be a great companion for people that have room for them.

They’re a herbivorous animal. They live on grass mainly but are also partial to hay and grain. If you fancy treating your Llamas to a little treat, you could spend a “whopping” £190 for a tonne of corn grain. Add an extra £20 onto that, and they’ll even deliver it to your door.

A tonne could be described as rather excessive, so how about the odd bag of grain for a fiver? I hope you’re getting the picture. Llamas are not excessively expensive to keep. Still, these are tough economic times and farmers feel the pinch as much as anybody. When farmers fall on hard times, they can often reach out to others in the community for a little help.

Not so in this case. According to the court not only did a herd of five Llamas starve to death, “other animals were found in an emaciated state in a frozen field” with “scant grazing, an empty ring-feeder and dilapidated shelter” in the freezing cold of February this year.

Heavens, rather then see my animals starve to death, I’d take to wearing a sandwich board by the side of the road to ask for help, or better still, I’d give them away to somebody who could look after them. In Yorkshire alone, there are half a dozen animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks that could have been contacted to take the animals. One in West Yorkshire has loads of Llamas. The kids who visit the park, love them apparently. Instead of this, Shaw tried to sell the animals initially. He wanted up to £5000 for one of them at one stage.

It’s no secret to anyone that the said farmer is the vile racist, Jew hating, Islamophobe John “Snowy” Shaw, the swashbuckling leader of the EDL breakaway ‘Infidels’. “Snowy” is the one with all the bright big and expensive banners that bang on and on about Muslim paedophiles etc, etc.

When he’s not doing roof top protests or holding provocative marches and empty demonstrations in the north of England or the streets of Scotland, Snowy also likes marching with a Loyalist flute band in Yorkshire, or even popping over to Northern Ireland to visit people in Derry and Belfast. We were told by one Loyalist there how he likes to “swagger(ing) around like he is the cock of the north, drinking lagers and having his photograph taken in front of murals”.

The average cost of a flight from Manchester to Londonderry or Belfast, is around £100 if you book early. Add onto to that the cost of getting to Manchester as there appears to be no flights from Leeds Bradford to Derry, he’s looking at about £120 just for starters.

It is our estimate, that in the last twelve months on travel alone, John “Snowy” Shaw will have easily spent way over £1500 on trains, boats, petrol and planes. Easily.

I dare not ask how long it takes for a Llama to starve to death. But in February this year, the month the poor animals were found in their appalling condition, the ‘Infidels’ were active in Glasgow, where they had a massive drinking binge and Hyde in Greater Manchester. They also had one demonstration in the freezing cold snow in Rochdale where “Snowy” addressed about thirty of his supporters, before the gang ended up having a huge drinking binge at the Copthorne Hotel inSalford, Greater Manchester. The choice of beers there are apparently excellent, but I doubt you’ll get much change out of £4 per pint.

I wrote this blog because like most Brits, I am an animal lover. Not overly keen at times on my fellow human beings, but animals I do not mind at all. Often I cringe when the Neanderthals of groups like the EDL, BNP and ‘Infidels’ are described as animals.

Unable to sell his animals, let alone look after them, John “Snowy” Shaw allowed them to starve to death. He didn’t even ask the advice of his racial comrade, the pig farmer Nick Griffin.

Previously to his torture of these animals, Shaw had even shot a dog with an air rifle (the same one he likes to hold while playing war games on his property), using the defence that he was protecting his herd. Others who know him better allege even worse cases of cruelty that I am not allowed to go into here.

Poverty was not his reason to behave in this manner at all. Those animals suffered because he was too lazy to bother to look after them as he ran around the country with a gang of drunken thugs terrorising people. The supposed animal lover had no problems however, campaigning against Halal meat when it suited him. There is no comparison of that practice and the time it takes an animal to starve to death in agony.

He is scum.

Not Impressed: Even the EDL were not!

Not Impressed: Even the EDL were not!


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