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Matthew Collins - 10 08 12
On his way: Is Derry going to get Snowy?

On his way: Is Derry going to get Snowy?

The week started off with the terrible news that an American neo-Nazi had gone on a shooting spree in Wisconsin killing members of the Sikh community there.

There has been much discussion in the press that the killer Wade Michael Page may have thought that he was targeting Muslims and not Sikhs. That is certainly the case in glib BNP thinking. Nick Griffin gave the opinion that the supposed “confusion” was down to some unfortunate error, with the press confusing “Muslims with Asians”, and we suppose not to the fact that Page was a race hater and did not care one iota for the people that was murdering.

Targeting anyone because of their religion or their race is evil. Of course, we should not hold our breath for the BNP to clarify Griffin’s sentiments, nor forget that his party and the EDL both have histories of attacking people with brown faces. The “confusion” and indeed the vile racist sentiment behind all such attacks is all theirs, their sickening racism and that of a society obsessed with Islamaphobia.

Griffin’s has also been tweeting his annoyance that people have been looking at his house. Only this morning he put a picture up on twitter (eventually) of his pig farm to complain about the intrusion. What Griffin does not tell anyone is that it is a council footpath that runs right outside his house, and like as he may, he does not own it and nor can he stop people walking on it.

The EDL’s Kevin Carroll’s announcement that he was going to stand for Police Commissioner in Bedford for the British Freedom Party shouldn’t be taken too lightly. The lies have already begun. The suggestion that Carroll was telling people that he was a non-drinker saw our email flooded with pictures of Kev having the “odd half” of lager, though I believe Kev may be fonder of London Pride…

While Kevin Carroll is not sure whether he does drink or not, the BFP’s boss Paul Weston apparently struggles to remember being mugged or not. I think in Weston’s case, it would be just a case of how much he drinks not whether he does drink. He certainly turned up in Stockholm looking like he had gone out for the night with a time travelled Keith Richards.

As of this morning, the BFP’s fighting fund to ensure Carroll makes it onto the ballot paper for the election had risen a staggering five pounds in 48 hours. Back to flogging rip-off designer lables it could well be for the party then..

Kevin’s old friend and now sworn enemy John “Snowy” Shaw was back this week, threatening to sue the police. Whether this is a case of an individual seeking redress against their employers’ or not I could not possibly comment, but like the BFP, Snowy’s “Infidels of Britain” are never shy of emptying the pockets of gullible members either.

We asked if anyone spots “Snowy” out in Derry this weekend to let us know. Any suggestion that he may have confused a good “craic” with anything similarly sounding is all of our own..

Antifascists in the North East tomorrow may also want to join the protest against the National Front who are threatening to soil Sunderland with their presence. Details in the usual places for that, lads and lasses.

Griffin: "Get awf my land". Not.

Griffin: "Get awf my land". Not.


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