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Matthew Collins - 30 11 12
Calvert: We did this to calm "Snotty" Shaw down

Calvert: We did this to calm “Snotty” Shaw down

Much excitement for the BNP with them crowing this morning “we’re back” after a very reasonable showing in the Rotherham by-election last night.

Still, they don’t mention the 1.9% they polled in Middlesbrough or the simple fact they could not even raise a candidate for Croydon North, other by-elections held last night too. Perhaps they’re a regional party these days?

The big losers from the far-right in Rotherham were the English Democrats and the English Defence League, the two groups currently being courted by Britain First’s dubious Jim Dowson.

Dowson will apparently not be in Southend tomorrow for what looks like a disastrous anti-Mosque rally by his new EDL-style front group “St George’s Brigade”. The remaining idiots from the EDL have chosen to spend tonight and tomorrow outside of Bedford nick instead, where their popular leader Stephen Lennon is currently holed up. Our Stephen does like to get himself in trouble with the law, so if you are planning to protest outside courts and prisons in support of him, you had better get yourself some sort of discount train ticket. And a passport..

Someone who will not be joining the EDL for pointless protests anymore is Eddie Stampton/Stanton/Stamton after the shenanigans of last week. “Why would I want to attend anymore EDL demos?” he asked us after last week’s story. “They are swarming alive with promoters of race-mixing, Jews and Zionist tools” he moaned. Some cynics may well declare that actually means Eddie’s been “moved” to new pastures by dark forces. Job done if he also happens to turn up in the Infidels at any stage soon.

Talking of the “Infidels”,  John “Snowy” Shaw has been complaining that I have a particular picture of him. It could be worse, “Snotty”, look at the one I have of your idiot mate Shane Calvert!

And finally, we finished the week off by giving a well deserved spanking to the BNP “union” Solidarity. Some people say that would please their leader Patrick Harrington normally, but not tonight. He has been removing posts from his facebook page in disgust.


EDL prison watch: Better in than out!

EDL prison watch: Better in than out!


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