Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 10 01 13
Josh: Tool and shed springs to mind

Josh: Tool and shed springs to mind

Saying farewell this week is Joshua Wren of the BNP. Joshua, who is gay, has suddenly discovered that the BNP is full of homophobes and he has been sickened to read what some BNP members think of gay people.

Perhaps Joshua should have read about David Copeland, the London nail-bomber before joining the BNP in the first place. Joshua is leaving the BNP, because in his own words, the BNP are behaving like Muslims!!

Since quitting the BNP, Joshua has been inundating us with emails and messages. Let’s hope he does not decide he now wants to switch to UKIP..

Joshua will have missed the excellent BNP event “Question Time For Patriots” last week, where five panelists from the BNP were grilled by eight BNP members… getting the picture yet? The BNP did not even invite dissenting fascists along to make it interesting. I have only one question for the panel: “Which BNP organiser sells dirty videos and date rape drugs?”

 Well, they do say ‘the grass is always greener,’ so residents of Ontario in Canada should prepare themselves for the arrival of the animal abusing, Jew-hating, nasal, neo-Nazi John Snowy Shaw in the near future.

Except, he’s probably not actually relocating there at all. But if Britain’s number one Llama Harmer and crack-addicted toy soldier wants his diminishing number to join him for a night of hedonism, he may as well give them a good excuse.

It’s rather nice of Snowy to invite both Nick Lowles and I to his party, too. Nick’s dance card is fully booked up for the near future, bet rest assured one of our team will be there anyway. Who knows, we’ll probably even tweet live as the drug squad kicks what is left of Snowy’s front door off its hinges..

And so, not only is it goodbye to John Snowy Shaw, but by all accounts “The Quarterly Review” too. The editor, Derek “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Nazi” Turner, will only be producing an on-line version from now onwards. It won’t be missed. ..

In what’s left of EDL world, Birmingham EDL are threatening to attack the rival EVF’s shinding in Birmingham a fortnight after the EDL’s own planned debacle in Solihull this weekend. What with what was Essex EDL now attending the EVF’s demonstration and not the EDL’s event, we suggest pulling up a comfortable chair and watching this one go off like a belated firework display.

The BNP are planning a demonstration of their own very soon, too. Donna Treanor, an apparent big fan of 1980’s Madonna and all round shrinking violet has called on the troops to join her next Monday outside of the Old Bailey at 0900hrs to picket a court case involving alleged paedophiles.

The defendants are Asian, of course. The BNP does not campaign against white members of the public or their own members who are charged with crimes against children. Were they to do so, one suggests they consider holding an anti-paedophile demonstration a little closer to home. By the sea, even, perhaps?

who would you prefer? A Nazi & animal killer or Arab?

who would you prefer? A Nazi & animal killer or Arab?


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