Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 24 05 13
Griffin: Dines out on misery

Griffin: Dines out on misery

Not a great week. It started so well with the wonderful men and women at ASLEF voting to support train drivers’ who do not want to transport racist thugs from the EDL and the BNP across the country. “Carrying a disease” as one handsome chap put it, meaning that ASLEF could well be leaving EDL thugs with no platform at all.

Then, the sadistic and gruesome tragedy of Woolwich, something so vile, inhumane and disturbing that only people like the BNP and the EDL could actually take pleasure from it happening.

And how’s this from your “non-racist, non-violent” EDL in their violent and hate filled response? At the very beginning of the video one of their more eloquent supporters saying they have had enough of these “Paki *****”. These vile grief tourists neither have time to care or pay attention to what happened, so busy are they trying to cash in on tragedy.

One of the alleged killers of soldier Lee Rigby got his immediate wish as when the EDL descended en drunken masse on Woolwich, it did appear that a riot of hatred would take over. The police, of course, would have preferred no doubt to have been spending their time collecting evidence and clues in fighting and preventing terrorism, not being pelted with bottles by a gang of racist scum.

The EDL’s leader, the criminal thug and rape liar Stephen Lennon, exercised so much of his brain power that he also managed to somehow kill-off the writer Salman Rushdie, while a large number of his fellow travellers took to social media brandishing guns and knives, threatening to murder and maim innocent people in response.

For the BNP, their leader Nick Griffin called for more guns on the streets. This from a man who leads a party that already encourages young members to run around with fire arms and with knives.

As well as a begging letter, expect another revolting chain/scam email from the BNP to hit any day now. They still have not removed the old lie.

Fascists never use truth, decency or common sense in dark and challenging times. Let that be our strength.

Moron: Lennon

Moron: Lennon


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