Dowson Dumped

Matthew Collins - 06 09 13
Dowson: His version of God hates just about everything

Dowson: His version of God hates just about everything

BNP leader Nick Griffin’s former Consigliere Jim Dowson, has been dumped by the Protestant Coalition, an influential pressure group in Northern Ireland we have learned today.

The gun-toting militant anti-abortionist who also heads up Britain First and raises cash for the almost defunct English Democrats , helped set up the Protestant Coalition in April of this year along with others who had been involved in the Northern Irish union flag protests. Dowson helped launch the political party with the useful instruction, that just like every other party he has been involved in, it had “no political ambitions.”

Since May Dowson had been on a court order not to use the internet or mobile phones as a result of charges relating to the organising of illegal protests.

However, it is understood that some of those restrictions were lifted by a Belfast court last month, allowing Dowson his religious and civil privileges during the protestant marching season.

Like most coalitions anywhere in the world, the Protestant Coalition has been a rather uneasy one with a mixture of firebrand protestantism and progressive unionism directed mainly, at the established Unionist parties and the traditional enemy, Irish republicanism.

What started out as a coalition against what was felt to be Unionist leaders acquiescing to Republican demands, soon became, for Dowson’s faction at least, a full on battle against ‘Cultural Marxism’, homosexuality and abortion.

Last weekend a mixture of political, social and community groups celebrated Gay pride in Newry, Co Down, irrespective of religion. One of the political parties that took part in the celebration was the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP), loosely linked to the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Members of the party tweeted pictures of themselves on the parade.

Either Dowson (although it would be illegal to do so) or someone close to Dowson, then went on to the Protestant Coalition’s social media networks to attack the idea of Loyalists marching through Newry under a Gay Pride banner. The PUP-not part of the Protestant Coalition, then responded furiously and a war of words broke out, resulting in a hastily written apology by the Protestant Coalition for comments made that may have upset anyone [read PUP].

Our source in Belfast tells us that so infuriated was Dowson with the apology that he threatened to resign only to be told that he was in fact, being asked to leave the group that he founded.

Shouting abuse at gay couples having civil ceremonies or running around with Nazis like Nick Griffin is one thing; even harassing young women outside family planning clinics the Coalition could stomach from Dowson, but raising the ire of the PUP was a step too far.




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