Dead Parrots?

Matthew Collins - 11 12 13

I’m a huge fan of Monty Python, and one of my favourite sketches is the famous Dead Parrot sketch.

There can be few people who are unaware of the sketch and many Python aficionados like myself will be able to quote the lines from the script word for word.

If you haven’t seen it the sketch involves an irate John Cleese returning a dead “Norwegian Blue” parrot to the pet shop where he bought it, with the shopkeeper, Michael Palin trying to convince Cleese that the parrot is in fact not actually dead but sleeping, after a long squawk.

So I put it to you dear readers that The English Democrats are a dead political party.

The English Democrats are no more! They have ceased to be! They’ve expired and gone to meet their maker!

Maybe I am being a bit premature with my condolences but take a close look at last weeks by election results and you will see the point I’m making.

In 2009 the English Democrat fortunes were running high, having just had its biggest victory of its short life, with Peter Davies winning the Doncaster mayoral election.

Things seemed to be on the up but then they made a fateful mistake, allowing their party to be taken over by a group of rejects from the BNP once Griffin’s far right gang had began to implode.

The takeover upset a number of English Democrats including Mayor Peter Davies who quit the party in 2013 claiming the BNP invasion was unacceptable.

The English Democrats have been in a nose dive mode ever since, clearly illustrated in two council by elections held last week.

In Liverpool, one of those BNP rejects we mentioned, Steven McEllenborough received just 9 votes in the Riverside Ward By Election last Thursday.

If that wasn’t bad enough English Democrat candidate Stephen Paxton finished in last place with just 6 votes in the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough by election for Arbury ward.

Where has the English Democrat vote gone? Probably mostly to their sworn enemies in UKIP and with this series of failures the English Democrats look like they will take a hell of a beating in next years European Elections.

Maybe the English Democrats are just pining for the fjords? They are certainly bereft of life.


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