Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 28 03 14
Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

An interesting week for the British National Party (BNP). Nick Griffin was in Germany for a meeting of the youth wing of the neo-Nazi NPD and made one of his most bizarre speeches ever. He’s never been blessed with great oratory skills, you’re probably aware, but it was the actual content of the speech as opposed to the delivery that makes you wonder if Herr Griffin is beginning to buckle under the pressure of leading the BNP into oblivion.

It was mad and racist, even for a mad racist.

I would not worry too much about Griffin when he’s finally out of a job come May. An old friend was telling me yesterday that Griffin has so much lucre squirreled away that his main worry would probably be Clive Jefferson bumping him off to top-up the party’s funds.

Last night Griffin drove up from Exeter to Leeds to address a Yorkshire region fundraising meeting. To say Yorkshire has its problems would be an understatement. The organiser for the region is Adam Walker and word is he will not drive even to the end of his street these days without the promise of a large wedge of cash. Is it any wonder his speaking engagements have dried up? He has become the party’s major embarrassment since his brother left to work in a pet shop.

Sadly for Griffin, HOPE not hate decided to ruin his plans for the evening and let the folk at the Woodkirk Valley Country Club know that the BNP was planning to meet there after using a false name to make the booking.

All credit to the Country Club, they decided to cancel the booking rather than allow the BNP to soil their name. Perhaps the club will now do the same to stop the National Front and British Movement from booking rooms there anymore.

Griffin and Adam Walker ended up glum faced in a pub in Morley trying to put a brave face on their humiliation. Griffin has been bragging as he travels the country of how much cash the party is collecting at their fundraising evenings. In the main, he is telling lies. The £1000 he claims was raised in Exeter was actually close to £600 and once he and his minions have taken their “expenses” out of the takings, very little will go into the pot for any election campaign other than Griffin’s own charge of the light ale brigade in May.

No such cash shortages (unsurprisingly) for Griffin’s former best friend Jim Dowson. Jim’s got so much cash he’s even managed to buy his Britain First 50,000 Facebook followers and some rather fetching cloth caps for their supporters.

Expect the current sniping between the BNP and Britain First to come to a rather nasty conclusion any time soon.

This weekend, the English Defence League take their travelling circus to Peterborough. Wisely, the group have declared this march will be a no-alcohol affair. Not so wisely, they’re meeting up in a pub first..

No room at the Inn: Griffin's night ruined

No room at the Inn: Griffin’s night ruined


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