Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 27 06 14
Kevin Smith:Locked up by lunch time

Kevin Smith:Locked up by lunch time

Traditionally this is the quiet time of year for the far-right, but things have been cooking away nicely out of sight in the last couple of weeks as things go from bad to worse for them.

In the British National Party (BNP) no-one has heard much from the Leader as he is probably away somewhere burying the last of his lucre in the gardens of one of his holiday homes , but you too could get close to him for a mere forty quid a week if you feel that way inclined or are indeed a police spy. Griffin’s bag carrier, Simon Darby, has been cock-a-hoop all week; he seems to have been paid for the pleasure in food tokens.

The word in what is left of the party (1334 paid up members at the beginning of the month according to Griffin’s idiotic son in law) is that a fifth column is preparing any day now to do nothing to remove Griffin. Adam Walker, Peter Molloy, Donna Treanor, Steve Squire and Kevin Layzell are, I’m told, the chief protagonists in trying to get rid of Griffin, but they’re all too scared to make the first move.

What probably has not helped getting things moving was poor Layzell popping round to visit Squire to discuss their not-so-secret plans in his Soho shop . The poor lad has apparently become quite distracted ever since.

News of the group’s plans reached as far as sunny Bolton and caused local BNP organiser Bryn Morgan to get very, very upset with them about their planned disloyalty. Being the smart sort he is, he then sounded out both the British Democratic Party (BDP) and Britain First to see if they had room for him.

There appears to be neither room nor interest in the BDP for anything much these days. Half of the party (about eighteen people) are carrying on without a leader, a President or hope, while the other half appear to be under the impression the party has folded. If the party has folded, that’s bad news for their “administrator” Ken Booth, who was recently seen taking in some stock of paper for the printing of election leaflets in his living room. Still, I guess, what they don’t know down the social about Ken’s printing enterprise won’t hurt them. Some in the BDP would willingly return to the BNP if Griffin would just finally depart.

He’s been out of prison two weeks now and all we know about EDL founder, criminal and thug Stephen Lennon is that he believes British prisons are run by Muslims and not the Ministry of Justice or Group 4. If you do not like the holiday resort, one should really go somewhere else, Stephen. It’s refreshing to know that his ‘deradicalisation’ is going so well.

Stephen’s old chums in the English Defence League are off to Middlesbrough tomorrow to protest for a living wage and an end to austerity…. Not! Never mind, Kevin Smith is making a return to protesting with the gang though, the most anticipated return to Middlesbrough since Juninho. Smith is a notorious wally who has been arrested and locked up on something like fifteen previous EDL demonstrations. He disappeared for a while not long after the Walthamstow debacle and has been telling everyone how looking forward he is to marching with “thousands” of other like minded souls once more. Er, that should be a good eye opener for him, then.

What he’s not been so open about is the bizarre incident of a girl friend who converted to Islam, his near conversion to Islam, his domestic “squabbles”, his trawling some of the more lurid social media sites for short-term “mates” and allegedly, his preparedness to sell information on his “mates” when he was short of cash.

Interestingly, the EDL has postponed its planned demonstration next month in Colchester because they feel police resources could be better spent investigating the shocking murder of Nahid Almanea, and whilst I shall not criticise them for that rather surprisingly sensible decision, I will point out that it would help it they were more circumspect and truthful on other occasions

Nice: Pure class these lads are

Nice: Pure class these lads are


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