Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 11 07 14
Stuart Baines: Putting the bottle into the EDL

Stuart Baines: Putting the bottle into the EDL

Meet Stuart Baines. He’s English Defence League (EDL) through and through. He does seem to think he is in the boy scouts however and cannot understand why people think the EDL are a bunch of thick, ignorant, racists.

He has some novel ideas to save the future of the gang, which include fundraising for charities. This would be nice, but some people are still chasing the £2000 the EDL raised at their Preston demonstration back in 2010 when they were behaving like a bunch of drunken, racist yobs.

As well as raising funds, Stuart suggests that the EDL helps out the army on tours. I shall remind him, then, that the allegedly missing £2000 was for Help For Heroes-so I’m guessing the military could do without that kind of help anymore, thank you…

I do wonder if this is the same “helpful” Stuart Baines mentioned here, also from Driffield, but currently desperate to relocate to York for some reason.. Answers on a postcard, please.

Sick of being scum, but hanging around still

Sick of being scum, but hanging around still

Some (more) bad news for the EDL could come in the form of former matron of the yob army, Hel Gower, who is seeking legal advice as to whether she can stop her former friends using the name of the organisation that she owns. This could mean Helen taking possession of the hundreds of unsold T-shirts and mugs her former friends have just had printed. It’s good to see she is still serving her master Stephen Lennon so well. His de-radicalisation is working a treat.

There was lots of fun and games (and lies) in Wigan last weekend. A photograph has just emerged of Britain First leader Paul Golding leaving the Asian owned shop in town from where he was taking shelter. My source tells me that Britain First’s leader had no problem with paying for and eating his Halal chicken sandwich. God told him to, apparently..

Golding: Takes security precautions with Halal sandwich

Golding: Takes security precautions with Halal sandwich

Sticking with Britain First, it appears that Facebook removed some 150,000 of their followers yesterday, because they were not real. They were the rather non-Halal spam.

And if you remember the British National Party (BNP), well done. They sent their members an email during the week telling them what great revolutionary activity the party has been up to now most of them are on the dole.

It was about two lines long and inquires as to whether anybody was planning on dying soon and leaving the party their worldly goods. Others complain that the party is getting more nazi everyday. No change there, then.

It's hard to see why people think you're all racist thugs, eh Stuart?

It’s hard to see why people think you’re all racist thugs, eh Stuart?


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