Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 09 05 15
Adam Walker: What the voters really saw

Adam Walker: What the voters really saw

The English Defence League (EDL), return to Walthamstow today because, it claims, it has “unfinished business.”

They must be finally leading the rescue mission for lost supporters after they were chased from town back in 2012. “Our London members and supporters, especially, are looking forward to putting their boots on the ground with fellow Londoners – especially those who were with us in 2012.”

All I seem to recall was the gang’s then leaders’ driving off in a car and leaving their footsoldiers at the mercy of locals. It split the group’s fragile leadership team and led to an almost terminal decline of the group.

It won’t be any different today either, comrades.

Elsewhere, Britain First will be in Dudley. The march will be so huge that the participants will not all fit into a camera shutter’s view, so will instead, look like only a few of them bothered to turn up.

Despite seeing a 99.7% drop in their vote, the British National Party (BNP) have been claiming the scalp of none other than Ed Miliband, the departed leader of the Labour Party.

Stalin has taken over the BNP's publicity

Stalin has taken over the BNP’s publicity

According to a party that was beaten by dope smokers, Trotskyites and Monster Raving Loonies, it was their social media campaign that led to Miliband and the Labour Party being defeated in the elections and then Miliband resigning!

Just to remind you, the BNP stood 8 candidates last Thursday and gained a total of 1,667 votes-an average of 208 votes. Yet, the party claims it was their social media campaign (which no-one actually saw) that felled the Labour leader! If their social media campaign was so good, you’d think it would have at least returned one of its electoral deposits, or got the party above the 1% mark at least, in one of their seats?

Walker: If you tolerate him etc, etc

Walker: If you tolerate him etc, etc

The brother of the BNP leader is not sharing the party’s line that they actually enjoyed a massive success. Like the party leader, Mark Walker used to be a teacher, too. Whilst he was banging on and on about Muslims grooming children and the poor BNP election result in Rotherham, I was reminded that Mark, like his brother, no longer teaches either.

Mark Walker (Left): Also banned from teaching

Mark Walker (Left): Also banned from teaching


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