Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 20 01 16

The British National Party (BNP) have been fined £2400 for filing their accounts late. Believe it or not, that’s about 10% of what the party holds in their bank accounts.

This comes only a week after the party was struck off the list of electoral parties after it failed to send a cheque in for £25 to the electoral commission

How bizarre; why, it was only last October that Clive Jefferson, the criminal mastermind who runs the party, was slapping himself on the back for a “perfect set of accounts.” So proud was Clive with himself that he made Adam Walker, the incompetent fool that Clive lets be Chairman, promote him to Deputy Chairman.

Oops! Not so clever now...

Oops! Not so clever now…

And now this- a double disaster it seems. Not a good start to 2016, is it? I am reminded of Dawn Charlton’s claims about the drug use at the party’s head office. Perhaps the BNP should desist with the relentless intake of marching powder and get themselves down to the post office and start posting their mail on time.

Yesterday we went to the BNP’s head office in Wigton, Cumbria. One would expect their offices to be a hive of activity with the very important people who claim to work there driving on the relentless hate machine that is the BNP.

We got there at 08.30hrs. Sandra, who made the sandwiches for our trip, had eaten her sandwiches and mine by 08.35hrs, which is the exact time that David O’loughlin turned up to work. That is a good start. We expected him to be hard at it, oiling the wheels of the nazi machine etc, etc. Instead, O’Loughlin just hung around outside the BNP’s offices (which incidentally are sub let from Clive Jefferson) smoking cigarettes with his girlfriend Vicky. They left shortly before 0900am.

They came back an hour later, smoked some more cigarettes and had a cup of tea. They then went inside, but they missed a delivery at midday, because O’loughlin refused to come to the door. After the delivery man- looking quite exasperated, had left, O’Loughlin went outside to feed the birds. His girlfriend joined him and had a cigarette too.

O'loughlin: Least busy nazi in the world?

O’loughlin: Least busy nazi in the world?

I recall the BNP once lauding O’Loughlin as a “hard working organiser”. I guess in the BNP that means a person smokes a lot of cigarettes and drinks a lot of tea. In court last year, O’loughlin told the judge that he was a “dispatch manager for British Heritage”. He’s not a very busy boy, and neither is ‘British Heritage’ which O’loughlin also admitted was really just another name for a not very busy BNP.

Someone who is busy, is former BNP chief Nick Griffin. Despite having no actual job and being apparently skint, he’s off to Milan to speak at a fascist meeting in support of the Syrian regime. He’s not doing badly, that’s about his 50th overseas junket in a year. I guess those DVDs he was given to flog by the Assad regime are keeping him in peanuts and vodka these days.

Griffin: He'll be blaming the Jews

Griffin: He’ll be blaming the Jews


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