Meet the Nazi who imprisoned and sexually assaulted a vulnerable teenager

Matthew Collins - 29 01 16
Fleming: Still holds sick fantasies

Fleming: Still holds sick fantasies

Meet the Nazi who abused and tortured a teenager

There has been much noise made about the violent children known as National Action making an appearance in Newcastle last weekend. The delinquent gang even assaulted a lone busker as part of their efforts to prove they are some kind of dangerous terror group.

While that may be up for debate, what is clear is that they are not sort of people you would let near young children.

Once case in point is Ryan Fleming who made a short speech and carried a pink carrier bag on the day. A number of antifascists from different groups took an interest in Fleming and it seems we were right to.

On one of his Facebook pages, he quotes Moors Murderer Ian Brady, the monster who tortured and murdered young children along with Myra Hindley.

Fleming's Russian account with quote

Fleming’s Russian account with quote

Fleming, originally from Horsforth, has a conviction for false imprisonment and sexual assault on a vulnerable teenager dating from 2011. For the imprisonment and sexual assault on the teenager he received 26 months in prison. He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders register for 10 years.

Fleming boasts of his sickness

Fleming boasts of his sickness

The vulnerable young adult suffered a “degrading and humiliating” ordeal when he was tied up, attacked and sexually assaulted at a party by Fleming and his friend.

Fleming had told the teenager he had the option of eating Marmite or performing a sex act on him. He was made to eat the Marmite and then assaulted. The case, which the judge said genuinely shocked him, can be read about here.

Fleming uses various names like Alexander Morain when on social media. Like many in National Action, he hides behind various aliases for “security purposes” as they do not like- like Wayne Bell aka Jarvie standing next to him, to be uncovered. Often they close down one account as soon as they fear they are about to be exposed.

Understandably, Fleming in particular, does not want people looking too hard into him, who he is and what he has done in his past- despite quoting Brady on his page. He also likes to quote extensively Adolf Hitler on “capturing youth” though we’re not sure even Adolf Hitler had in mind what Fleming has done. Fleming even brags that young people find him attractive.

National Action do not seem to have a problem with him. They have even posted his speech from Newcastle on their YouTube page. We have also been told that the leadership of National Action are aware of Fleming’s conviction and his adoration of the likes of Ian Brady and torturing young, vulnerable teenagers, but think it is a “hoot”.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with this including AFN and antifascistsonline.


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