EDL gets really wound up

Matthew Collins - 13 09 16
Bolton - in cloud cuckoo land

Bolton – in cloud cuckoo land

The EDL coffin must contain more nails than wood as every day fresh news emerges which further confirm the fascist gang’s laboured demise.

Today we can report that English Footsoldier EDL Limited has been compulsorily dissolved. Formerly known as English Defence League Ltd, the so-called business was owned by former EDL ‘accountant’ Gary Head and Dave Bolton, illiterate merch man and erstwhile demo punchbag.

In its brief and inglorious history, the company failed to file any of the statutory and relatively straightforward documents required of it. In May Companies House gave notice it intended to dissolve the company which it duly did on September 6th.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this outcome for a number of reasons. Firstly Bolton is a man who famously can’t even spell ‘Britain’, even when committing the name of his beloved nation in tattoo ink. Despite this he thought he was the go-to guy when it came to updating the EDL’s then lucrative merchandising operation – by offering personalised gear. Get your Inglish Defents Leeg hoody here.

Secondly Head’s business record has a very Alka-Seltzer sound about it. Other dissolved businesses of which he has been director include The Real EDL Ltd – of which Bolton was also director – and construction outfit Burbush Limited.

But of course it was really a failure to react to changing market conditions for which the business ultimately paid the price. Demand for the EDL’s brand of street thuggery has been falling for some time.

Head, centre, with the EDL's two remaining members.

Head, centre, with the EDL’s two remaining members.

Bolton and Head also had a spectacular falling out. Something to do with drugs and addresses. The usual caper.

Meanwhile, dissolution means that all property and rights vested in, or held in trust for English Footsoldier have been seen by the crown. We suspect, though, that Her Maj has more than enough England flags. Besides she’s familiar enough with that flag not to need ones with the nation’s name scrawled on them.

Plink-plink fizz.

Plink-plink fizz.


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