Far-right round up: They’re locking ’em up

Matthew Collins - 17 12 16
Kenny with Assad’s errand boy, Nick Griffin

Back in October I wrote how the British National Party’s Scottish organiserhad turned up with Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson during a tremendous punch up in down town Budapest, Hungary. Yes, Kenny McDonald is really a man about town these days. What with the British National Party being dead on its feet, he has plenty of time to be so.

Yes, nice aren’t they?

Not one to be bitter about his party’s demise, Kenny has been using Facebook to spread the propaganda of the Assad regime on behalf of Nick Griffin and to talk about Jo Cox, the MP murdered by a neo-Nazi like Kenny, getting what she deserved. Pure class, aren’t they?

It’s was a bad day for National Action (NA) yesterday with news that as well as being made illegal, Lawrence Burns, their dynamic Cambridge based dynamo was found guilty of being a racist plonker. Here’s a picture of Lawrence in Newcastle last year with Italian mercenary Francesco Saverio Fontana- the man sent to the UK to recruit neo-Nazis to go and fight in the Ukraine. I’m sure Lawrence’s brief, Adrian Davis, will have more luck next time as there are plenty more like Lawrence Burns to come..

A lot of National Action members were visited by the police yesterday and given letters warning them that they are no longer to promote NA or behave like tools in any way. I wonder if the police got the same response at a certain NA member’s house as ITV News did the other day? On that occasion, the Aryan hard man’s mother told the news crew that her hardened Aryan son was still in bed at midday and was a “very naughty boy…”

Another attractive Aryan boy due a visit from plod, is Thunderbirds extra, Jack Renshaw. Jack has made somewhat of a name for himself by constantly calling for Jews to be eradicated. The pint-sized barman (he left University earlier than his parents had hoped he would) has been back on Twitter to prove his worth as a Jew hating Nutzi. I would think, Jack, your time would be better spent getting ready for prison. You’ll hardly be a pretty wallflower for long.

Renshaw: Who will stir his porridge?

Not wanting to go to prison is one of our old favourites, Warren “Wazza” Faulkner, the convicted crack dealer from the gang, North East Infidels. Warren has been having a war of words with fellow Sunderland alumni, Billy Charlton, he of infamous CAPSLOCK fame, and a man in serious need of a recreational riot. Anyway, it appears Wazza went a little too far in bragging how much more violence he is responsbile for than Charlton. Oops!

Wazza: Doing a lot of good work for charity, mate

Fearing he is about to get a tug from the police, “Wazza” has jacked in his Nazi activities to concentrate on his formidable charitable work. I doubt that would fool any judge, Wazza. Still, you would fair a lot better on the Friday night mixer at HMPS than say, Jack Renshaw.

How we’ll always remember Warren Faulkner

And finally, what a week it has been. So long, for eight weeks (well, it’ll be four) to Paul Golding. Golding invaded one Mosque too many and has been sent off to calm down at Her Majesty’s pleasure. This will no doubt give Paul ample opportunity to study the good book he trashes every time he waves his unopened copy in the face of men and women trying to go about their lawful business.

The year’s not over yet folks, and there are still more to come. Or go, to prison.


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