Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 24 01 17
Lewis: Sadistic and racist

A rather distressing story from yesterday told how a young man in South Wales stole cats from a cat sanctuary for his dogs to hunt and kill. This was just weeks after he stabbed a sheep, hanging it in a tree and cutting its head off with a machete.

According to a report in the South Wales Evening Post, Frank Lewis also has “an emerging personality disorder with psychopathic traits” and “far-right extreme views on race and sexuality.” Needless to say Lewis also likes Britain First and the English Defence League on his Facebook profile.

Talking of Facebook, it appears that the Jews who run the world etc, etc took some kind of issue with Mark Collett’s new ebook ‘The Fall of Western Man’. We only have Collett’s word for it that it’s the only reason he was given a Facebook ban, but as Martin Webster once said, all publicity is good publicity.

Collett: Yes, yes he does…

Collet has rehabilitated himself from the young man who was arrested for an alleged plot to murder Nick Griffin, the young man who was tied up and tortured by colleagues in the National Front and also the young man who pranced around with his shirt off for Chanel Four talking about how much he loved Hitler before bursting into tears. And also the boy who comedian Russell Brand humiliated over a number of days for the same channel also.

Nowadays Collett is the wise old Aryan owl in the woods and his free book about the decline of western man is probably autobiographical. As well as books, Collett does spectacular podcasts about white man’s stuff. One was called ‘Riding the Tiger’ but I’m not sure if that was even safe for work. He is also going to lead the next Nazi adventure into the wilderness for ‘Sigrund’ the Nazi camping gang. No doubt at some stage they’ll all be taking their shirts off. Let’s hope John Walker still fits into the Batman outfit.

Collett: Victim of a worldwide conspiracy etc

All of this adventure makes Collett a busy, busy boy, what with all of this and fighting off the attentions of the Mormons… more on that at a later date.

Another busy boy who has been the victim of a conspiracy or two is Liverpool gangland hitman (or in his own words “Nazi Assassin”) Joe Owens. Owens used to have a highly entertaining YouTube channel where he accused all of his former brethren of being “Underclass scum” in the employment of either the state or HOPE not hate. To prove his point (apparently), YouTube took down his videos.

Joe Owens wanted a camcorder. And failed

Not to be put off his crusade, Owens appealed for a video camera so he could expand his operation from the backroom of his house where he has an impressive bookshelf of biographies of political torturers. Well, guess what? That appeal has been removed too. What’s a guy got to do to get a break?

Staying near Owens in Liverpool, some more naughty, nutty, neo-Nazi stickers have been put up on lampposts in the city. No doubt local plod will be beside himself trying to find who is behind this devious act. Here is another helping hand

James Mac: Liverpool’s other race hater


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