Steve Uncles found guilty

Matthew Collins - 24 02 17
Uncles: Found guilty by an English judge and jury

Uncles: Found guilty by an English judge and jury

Well, there will be a little celebration by a few people tonight with news that the English Dems’ perennial wally Steve Uncles has finally been found guilty of electoral fraud.

We often mention Uncles due to his rather strange behaviour. His campaigns to deport Irish Wolf Hounds to Ireland, Scottish Terriers to Scotland, and even worse, interfering in serious police investigations.

After a mysterious illness stopped him appearing in court last week, finally Mr Uncles had his moment in an English court, in England in front of an English judge and jury to answer those charges. What could go wrong?

Uncles is now facing jail for cheating the electoral system by submitting fraudulent nomination forms. The Wilmington based wally is the saviour of everything that is English (and often confused by things that are not).

Maidstone Crown Court heard Uncles either put up candidates for election who did not exist, or real people who had not signed the relevant nomination forms.

The Prosecutor told the jury of eight (English) men and four (English) women: “It is the prosecution case in respect of local county elections held in May 2013 this defendant dishonestly tampered with that system.

One of the fake election profiles written by Uncles

One of the fake election profiles written by Uncles

“During those council elections he submitted nomination forms for candidates that were fraudulent. As a consequence, the machinery of the election was materially effected.”

HOPE not hate’s suspicions of fraud were aroused during the nomination process when candidates for the party in Kent had fictitious names such as Anna Cleves and Rachelle Stevens – referred to by a judge as “the lady from S Club 7”.

After the police began their invetigation, Uncles even wrote a bizarre blog claiming he was being stitched up by UKIP.

The case faced several delays caused by Uncles applying for adjournments – one being because he ran for the post of Police Commissioner in May last year.

Bizarre lies

Bizarre lies

Uncles had failed to appear on the first day of his trial on February 8 and was arrested on a warrant outside the court when he turned up the next day. Such is his want, I guess.

The judge agreed to Uncles’ request to be legally represented at his own expense at the sentencing hearing.

Granting conditional bail, including a tagged curfew, Judge Statman warned: “My view is that clearly in offences of this gravity the custody threshold has been passed. “I give you that warning so that you can put your personal affairs into good order.” One would suggest that if Uncles is going to prison when sentenced next month, he hands over the keys to his kitchen fridge to his wife. Uncles currently has it locked to “keep out” the foreigners that lodge with he and his wife.

Uncles has a particular hatred of the Irish, and got very confused when it came to Irish flags, regardless of which part of Ireland they were from. In 2009, in probably his finest moment, Uncles approached Sinn Fein (the political wing of the IRA) and offered to sell them Northern Ireland. Actually, he was just asking them for £10,000 and the offer of the six counties was more of an afterthought.

Uncles: A man of jolly japes

Uncles: A man of jolly japes

Argue the toss whichever way you want about the merits or not of an English Parliament, our long-term concern about the English Dems was its racism and then links to people like Jim Dowson.

These fears were realised when in 2010, over 400 British National Party members (BNP) defected to the party. Whilst the introduction of a whole number of people from the neo-Nazi party made some English Dems supporters nervous and uncomfortable, Uncles positively thrived on it.

His behaviour became more brazen and nasty as he got older. The 2013 elections of course, were particularly brazen and this is what he is facing jail for. Despite being an embarrassment, the English Dems still allowed him to stand as a candidate whenever he could get his name on a leaflet.

In 2014 he wrote to the electorate in the Euro Elections declaring himself an “English Stallion” in need of their sexy vote.

For us, it has been a long wait for Uncles to finally face up to his contact abuse of the electorate, Muslims, women, immigrants and kitchen fridges.

We even kept a record of one of his fake candidate profiles, which we produced above. Because of our efforts, Uncles stalked and abused memebrs of our staff quite regularly. He is a vile, internet troll.

We’ll be having a light libation tonight.

The weekend starts here

The weekend starts here


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