Resistance is useless as Crane sent down

Matthew Collins - 21 03 17
Crane [kreyn] noun. Jailbird

Crane [kreyn] noun. Jailbird

Gary Crane, self-proclaimed Nazi hard man and leader of a “Hitler-worshipping white power mob” yesterday started to pay back his debt to society.

The bonehead was the latest to be sent down for his role in violent disorder at last year’s ill-fated National Front demonstration in Dover.

Yesterday, Crane was sentenced to eight months, a sentenced minimised by his early guilty plea. It turns out that surrender is the new no surrender.

Unlike some though, he still got a custodial sentence. That must smart given the organiser of what bore all the hallmarks of pre-organised violence walked free.

The jailing is a mortal blow to the Right Wing Resistance (RWR), a major international revolutionary National Socialist force. Or yet another tinpot gang of fascist uniform fetishists. You decide. You probably don’t need the help, but there’s a bit of a ready-reckoner here from the days when the UK’s butchest gang of homoeroticists threatened my colleague Matthew Collins

Gaz is world leader, as appointed by, well, himself. But he doesn’t just self-anoint. He’s also given leadership positions to the great and the good of the mighty RWR, aka everyone he’s mates with.

The ABC to the RWR. OK?

The ABC to the RWR. OK?

That list doesn’t include Brett Vaughan of the North West Infidels who took the right hump with him over some grassing-to-the-Reds scandal.

Cards held, bony chest like.

Cards held, bony chest like.

Mick Wakefield, who was jailed in January for his own Dover misdemeanours, is also not in the fan club. Crane is, he proclaims, a “meth head.” We could neither confirm nor deny this allegation.

Gaz’s current beau Abby Timms – he fled to Yorkshire leaving Mrs Crane in Kilmarnock – was given the second in command gift-wrapped. Such a rapid rise. She was but a lowly corporal when she jumped into Gary’s bed, sorry, when she joined the RWR just last year. But with Gaz so unfortunately indisposed she now actually sits on the Glorious Leader’s chair. This may prove controversial among the, er, rank and file.

So too might be the post below which we fear may raise hackles among, in particular, the few northern fascists still at liberty whilst the Crown Prosecution Service in Kent and Merseyside plough through weighty caseloads.




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