This week in UKIP racism

David Lawrence - 17 05 17

UKIP is hopelessly disorganised at branch level and routinely fails to properly vet its candidates.

HOPE not hate thought it would help out the UKIP leadership by bringing a few more troublesome candidates to its attention.




UPDATE 19/05/17: UKIP has withdrawn support for Paddy Singh

The personal Twitter account of Paddy Singh, UKIP’s candidate for the North Wiltshire constituency, is a reliable fount of wild racism and antisemitism.

Singh, who runs the tour business Hindoostan Tours, stood for UKIP in the recent Wiltshire Council elections, garnering just 49 (3.6%) votes.

“Africa is where humans are animals and animals human. It is true.” states one post. “Is Pakistan a country inhabited by humans or animals,” asks another.

“It won’t be long before the Chinese start eating human meat. It maybe a super power but they are like animals,” reads yet another.

Other posts made on Singh’s account labels Israelis as “typical present day Nazis”, and another calls them “Nazi Jews like wild dogs on a rampage”.




Standing for UKIP in Chatham and Aylesford is Nicole Bushill. Bushill’s social media displays a litanty of anti-Islam posts, such as material railing against an “islamic halal tax” on Easter products that is supposedly “being paid to Islam”, and another repost calling to “end Islamisation” due to halal meat being served at Subway. Another post on Bushill’s account states that “Islam has a phobia about ANYTHING not ISLAMIC”.

Another post made on Bushill’s account praises leading Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders. Wilders has referred to Islam as the “ideology of a retarded culture” and compared the Qu’ran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, later calling for the Muslim holy book to be banned. “Keep voting for these guys people and we may just win this war”, the post reads.


Standing for UKIP in OXFORD WEST AND ABINGDON (again)


Alan Harris is standing again for UKIP in Oxford West and Abingdon, despite the fact that HOPE not hate revealed a series of racist and homophobic posts made on his Facebook page in 2015.

“A bacon sandwich = a piece of English heritage the fucking Muslims don’t want,” reads one post. Others label Romanians and Bulgarians as thieves, use homophobic slurs and share anti-Muslim content originally posted by the Bolton branch of the British National Party (BNP).

When asked about the posts, The Independent reported that Harris claimed his Facebook account had been ‘hacked’, despite the fact the posts were made between 2011 and 2013. Harris, who was a candidate in the Oxfordshire constituency in November 2014, later denied ever having given a statement to the paper.

UKIP apparently launched an “investigation” into the posts at the time*, although Harris has made it back onto the ballot paper in 2017.


To be clear, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

A series of racist anti-Muslim comments made on the Facebook page of Tony Pycroft, UKIP’s candidate for Selby in North Yorkshire, have been uncovered and Caroline Santos, standing for the West Scottish ward of Rutherglen and Hamilton, was slammed in the press for describing Islam as a “cancer”. UKIP’s reaction was to promise to launch an “internal investigation”.

After these latest revelations, we’ll wait on tenterhooks to see what the party bothers to do about the online racism rife in its ranks. Our guess is not too much.

(*Editor of Breitbart London and once Nigel Farage’s chief strategist, Raheem Kassam, famously told BuzzFeed in 2015 that if UKIP candidates were guilty of making racist or abusive social media posts, “they often give a bullshit excuse about being hacked”.)


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