Britain First: “Day Of Action”

Joseph Kingsley-Mathews - 15 08 17

A pitiful 17 angry-looking people gathered in a quiet car park outside Wolverhampton Police Station, to stage a mass assembly of self-styled Christian racists.

Any illusions about this mass “Day of Action” by Britain First members, trailing their coats gloomily through the streets of Wolverhampton were quickly shattered when a bemused business owner asked why there were people carrying crosses.

“It’s a secret ‘day of action’”, Paul Golding said as if this would explain why his followers would be prepared to put themselves through such ritual humiliation.

Paul Golding didn’t like that his “secret day of action” wasn’t much of a secret

As they tried their best to march on behind their crosses into town – with some local residents shouting them down – their numbers were already starting to dwindle. It only took just over 5 minutes before one of these brave Christian soldiers was arrested.

Luckily it’s a short trip back to Wolverhampton police station

Once into town Britain First split into three definable groups: Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and their close associates taking selfies and talking among themselves, the meatheads providing security with one of them going so far as wearing an anti-stab vest and the unimportant underlings trying to hand out anti-immigration leaflets to thoroughly confused onlookers.

Chatting away the sound of local people telling them to politely take their bigotry elsewhere

Approximately 50 police were present on the high street trying to keep the peace on what should have been a lovely day of sunshine in the city centre.

A local food vendor complained that he was looking forward to a good days business after several weekends of rain, only to have a hateful mob wreck the prospect.  A police officer said in exasperation: “I’ve got so much other stuff I could be doing”.

Bizarrely, Golding thought the best way to get through to local people was to antagonise them, referring to them as “the smelly unwashed”. The great irony being that Golding would be in need of a wash after several eggs found their target!

Ultimately, most Wulfrunians did not know who this mob was and why anyone would look so angry on a sunny day. A few people, figuring they might be the KKK, merely shook their heads and got on with shopping.

The Bishop of Wolverhampton, Rt. Revd Clive Gregory called out these fake Christians, labelling their bigotry as a “kind of blasphemy”, a term endorsed by the Church of England, The Methodist Church and the Christian Partnership Project in Wolverhampton. No amount of religious icons could hide what they were – a pathetic, violent hate group, embarrassingly laughed out of a town that didn’t buy their message of division.

The sorry mob of Britain First were surrounded on all sides by police and residents ironically telling them to go back to where they came from

As with everyone else, Golding & Co finally grew bored and trudged disconsolately back to the parking lot perhaps wondering why they picked one of the most diverse cities in the UK as the location of the embarrassing fiasco they christened a “Day of Action”.

Golding, wondering which local person successfully hit him with an egg

Johnny, a local business owner, put it best after it was explained to him that Britain First were an Islamophobic hate group: “They hate Muslims? I just want to make mixed grill.”


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