A very HOPEful Christmas

23 07 18

Our HOPE not hate organisers have spent the year training people to have better conversations about difficult and divisive issues.

So with the festive period upon us, we asked our supporters to take part in our Christmas Challenge!

We asked you to deliver a Christmas card to someone you’ve never spoken to before, and take the opportunity to have a chat and get to know your neighbours a bit better. We even prepared a card for people to download and use!



Then we asked you to feed back to us how it went. Here are some of the comments we’ve received back in our inbox:

The first challenge is that I live in France so I found an English speaking neighbor who is actually Portuguese and have invited her for Christmas tea. I just learned she is alone for the holidays. I share your vision of HOPE not hate

My kids made Christmas cards for my elderly neighbour. We took them round, and we ended up sitting with him for over an hour, while he enjoyed the children’s company. At the end of the conversation, he confided that he was worried about arrangements he needs to make with his solicitor, and I’ve since been able to make phone calls for him, explain things and help set his mind at ease. I would literally not have known that he needed help if I hadn’t knocked on!

I delivered cards to two lots of people who moved into houses near me within the last few months and I haven’t spoken to introducing myself. Both families responded with cards introducing me to them. I now know their names and feel able to speak to them when I next see them.

Did you take a card to your neighbour? Don’t forget to share your story here 


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