Fransen jumps into bed with Nazi pornographer

08 01 21

We have no sympathies for the far right, but often even we cock our heads when hearing something that makes us question how, even for fascists, do they manage to make the same mistake again, and again and again?

Take Jayda Fransen (someone, please). If anyone has not had the best track record in fascism, it’s her.

Sure, she had a bucket load of cheap jewellery and paste bought for her by Paul Golding over the years, but when push came to shove at the absolute shyster end of fascism, he threw her to the wolves and pigs quicker than Andy Edge could say ‘ex-veteran.’

Golding, who apparently puts mint sauce on his pork Christmas dinner, has a habit of raging about the choices Ms Fransen makes. (He even admitted to beating her during their stormy but profitable time running Britain First together.)

Since leaving prison and Britain First, Ms Fransen has been somewhat down on her luck. Her latest party partner will no doubt enrage Golding further.

Squire with current BNP leader Adam ‘five bob’ Walker

Some raised eyebrows when she joined forces with former British National Party leader Nick Griffin- a move that has many potential pitfalls outlined here.

Already a victim of domestic violence and revenge porn, one would think Fransen would’ve had enough of the far right and in particular the breed of men that proliferate it with tiny minds, massive egos and arms that rarely reach into their own pockets.

Apparently, not. Despite lockdown, Ms Fransen (who has appointed herself qualified to issue ‘exemption’ certificates for those who refuse to wear face covers during the pandemic) has been travelling around Britain (yes, we know about Scotland, Fransen) meeting her handful of supporters wherever they are willing to entertain her.

Yesterday she announced what she must think is an extraordinary coup de grâce by announcing she has appointed former British National Party (BNP) London organiser Steve Squire as her British Freedom Party London Organiser!

Squire has been without a political home since being shunted out of the BNP with his tail between his legs in 2015. He had been a major player in a dastardly and damaging plot to remove Nick Griffin as party leader in 2014, in anticipation of being rewarded with the Deputy Leader’s position. He wasn’t.

Among Squire’s other achievements in the BNP was being threatened by teenager and future convicted terrorist Mark Jones, after Squire objected to him eating peanuts and drinking water at a party meeting.

Squire’s real ‘talent’ is for pornography. Despite his rampant racism, Squire used to run a Soho sex shop which specialised in multiracial porn. The old ‘Aryan princess meets African prince’ kind of thing. I say used to run a sex shop in Soho because since the internet, it seems there’s no need for consumers to exchange VHS cassettes, so who knows if he is still there?

The Daily Mirror story on Squire’s shop in Soho

His other claim to infamy is the allegation that he sold date rape drugs. So bad is Squire’s reputation among other far flung fascists, that Britain First, the army that staggers on Bolivian marching powder, refused his membership!

Not that Fransen and Squire should’ve been meeting in London anyway. It seems Ms Fransen thinks all kinds of laws don’t apply to her at the moment.

How Nick Griffin will respond to this new link up remains to be seen. The one thing you can say about Griffin is, he has very little animosity to people who stab him in the back. He is rather prone to giving them at least two or three more opportunities to do so time and again.

Fransen’s currently running a blood and thunder campaign in Northern Ireland as well as pushing her bible thumping, racist and nonsensical newspaper.

Now she’s linked up with Squire, we look forward to her new newspaper carrying ads for dildos, bullwhips and Spanish Fly.


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