We are living in a time when young people, like Greta Thunberg, are standing up and saying ‘enough is enough’. Where right-wing populists remain in-hock…

With the world standing on the brink of a climate emergency, we’re relaunching HOPE not hate magazine with a special edition dedicated to exposing the threat that climate change poses to our communities and to our planet.

We are living in a time when young people, like Greta Thunberg, are standing up and saying ‘enough is enough’. Where right-wing populists remain in-hock to big polluters and many in the far right do their best to smear both the science and climate activists.

Starting with our exclusive polling across eight countries, including the UK, USA and Brazil, we reveal that a majority of the public in those countries recognise the climate crisis as an “emergency” and say politicians are failing to tackle the problem.

The climate breakdown is viewed as the most important issue facing the world, in fact, ahead of migration, terrorism and the global economy, in seven out of the eight countries surveyed (in the US it comes third behind terrorism and affordable healthcare).

As an organisation dedicated to bringing communities together and challenging the politics of division, we believe that our leaders must take swift action on climate change so that environmental pressures do not become a source of hostility, anger and competition in our societies.

This special edition also lifts the lid on the web of climate deniers and sceptics active across Britain and Europe, highlighting how the far right is increasingly active in this sphere.

As fires rage across the Amazon and young people engage in some of the largest climate strikes ever, we venture into the heart of the rainforest to hear from those sacrificing safety and putting their lives at risk to stand up to the illegal loggers and big business – some with links to new far-right regimes – as shocking statistics reveal that three people are murdered each week for ‘defending the land’.

Our teams have travelled to the borders of North Africa to meet those seeking a new life in Europe, with predictions that increasing numbers of people will be on the move this century as climate change devastates parts of the globe. 

In southern Italy we examine the fate of refugee towns closed under the influence of far-right populists, even as populations and communities shrink. And we hear from the sea captain who braved Italy’s far-right leader, and threat of fines and imprisonment, to bring exhausted migrants ashore, becoming an unlikely heroine in the process.

So, welcome to this new edition of our newly relaunched HOPE not magazine. I hope you enjoy the new format and will join us on our journey ahead.

Nick Lowles is the Chief Executive of HOPE not hate. You can find him on Twitter.




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