Jefferson strikes again

Matthew Collins - 07 04 11
Clive Jefferson: glutton for punishment

Clive Jefferson: glutton for punishment

The BNP’s moronic national elections officer seems to be a glutton for punishment. Clive Jefferson has taken a pasting from us this week for his laughable claims that the BNP’s election effort this year is going just fine, and has come back for more.

Yesterday evening you could almost see Jefferson glowing when he reported that the BNP had another nine BNP councillors elected unopposed to parish and town councils in his home county of Cumbria. They include two local organisers as well as Angus Matthys, husband of BNP leader Nick Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who will sit on the parish council of Woodside.

Not surprisingly for the pathetic fascists, nine councillors doesn’t mean nine different people. Dawn Charlton, a so-called “super activist, has taken a seat on Maryport Town Council as well as two parish seats in nearby villages.

Nevertheless, Jefferson, who has retained his own seat on Broughton Parish Council, seems not to have had confidence even that BNP members could get elected where there was no opposition. Clearly some have stood without declaring their party affiliation as he warns: “There are many more surprises to come out of West Cumbria as those members currently undeclared start to take on the party whip.”

Creeping onto the very lowest tier of local government by not declaring your BNP affiliation is hardly a sign of success.

In Yorkshire the BNP’s press officer has got onto Luddington and Haldenby Parish Council unopposed. But the party is not doing very well elsewhere in Yorkshire. On Monday we reported that Kirklees BNP, which has fielded full slates and at one time had three councillors, had no BNP candidates this year. Now I’ve found out why.

Yesterday the former Kirklees and South Kirklees BNP organisers announced that the whole branch had defected to the English Democrats and will be “working tirelessly” to establish the party in the area with a view to standing in next year’s elections. The whole branch had got fed up with the way Griffin had brought the party into “disrepute”, refused to answer “legitimate questions over finance” and suspended and expelled members who asked those questions.

Even worse in their eyes, Griffin had “placed people with previous serious criminal records in senior positions” who had further damaged the party’s image, and to cap it all was Griffin’s “disastrous error of judgement” in appointing Ian Kitchen, wife of granny porn queen Linda, as regional organiser. All we can say is they must have been reading Searchlight and what we have been saying all along has finally got through to those BNP members with more than two brain cells to rub together.


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