An email from nasty Nick..

Matthew Collins - 16 09 11
Griffin: He's a Christian, apparently..

Griffin: He’s a Christian, apparently..

Nick Griffin that is. I guess I’ll give it the response it deserves..

And he is as they say, “on one”. That is, that he is not a happy bunny.

“I’m sure that you, like me, are absolutely sick of all the lies and PC nonsense that the BBC pump out”. I’m a little confused. Is he asking me or telling me?

As it happens, I am though. I can barely watch Question Time since Griffin soiled the show with his presence. Ruddy PC “nonsense” that it was. Why couldn’t they just let him burn his cross? All this chit-chat that those liberal lefites insist on ruined it for me.

And, asks Griffin, do I “Remember the last time they tried to destroy us? Panorama used a turncoat branch organiser who was working as a paid informer for the far-left Searchlight operation, and an undercover reporter”. Well of course I do. I went for a bloody curry with him the night before the programme went out. Good curry, great programme. Or should that be visa versa?

Anyway, old Nick’s not emailed me to catch up. He wants me to cough up. Like bloody kids these BNP types are, they only ever write when they want something.

“They’ve mocked and subverted our Christian religion and British traditions” he writes. Surely he doesn’t mean the Queen wasn’t taking her Christmas Day speech seriously, again? But mention Christmas and you can bet that a mention of Muslims won’t be far behind. And here it comes (verbatim):

“If the BBC and the police had listened to us and investigated our evidence about the Muslim paedophile drug rape gangs, thousands of innocent children and their families wouldn’t have had their lives torn apart and ruined”.

That’s bloody strong stuff. Yep, he even underlined it. But why only “Muslim” paedophiles? Only last year two BNP members from Blackburn were convicted as part of a paedophile gang. Are BNP members allowed to be paedophiles then, Nick?

What about Nigel Hesmondhalgh from Hyndburn, Lancashire? He was in the BNP and put on the sex offenders register only last January. Or perhaps Kevin Alfred Storm? Surely Griffin has not forgotten the time he spent with the man who pleaded guilty to possession of child abuse images in 2008?

Why, only yesterday another BNP candidate pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography. As you will not have read about it on the BNP’s website, here is a brief reminder of what this great defender of “our Christian religion and British traditions” looks like.

Then Nick’s email gets a bit strange. “See the tools your generosity has already given us”. We know exactly what Clive Jefferson and Adam Walker look like, thanks very much. Isn’t that a bit rough, calling them tools though?

The BBC are then accused of being “employers of murderers and child rapists”. Hmmm, some may recall that David Copeland, the Nazi nail bomber was a former member of the BNP. But let’s not keep dredging that up. How about something more recent?

Ok, how about Darren Francis, described as “every parents worst nightmare” ( or Roderick Rowley a BNP candidate for law and order in Coventry who was jailed for 15 months after sending obscene images involving children to others.

Still not ring a bell? Oh well, the BNP’s “research team” has apparently uncovered all kinds of filth at the BBC, an employer of tens thousands of people compared to the 5396 members that the BNP has.

It takes only a few moments to uncover the perverts in the BNP. “Granny Porn” anyone? How about head of security Martin Reynolds and his wife swapping antics? This must be part of that huge conspiracy I keep hearing about. The last time the BNP’s “research” team put in such an effort, they (seriously) managed to write a full report about how many Jews worked at the BBC. This included a children’s TV presenter who was among the forty or so Jews that the BNP described as “mindbenders”.

Griffin’s getting all upset of course about an upcoming show by Panorama exposing all kinds of stuff that the naughty nutty neo-Nutzis have been up to with some filthy lucre. “Make no mistake, we’re in for a rough half hour when that programme goes out” Griffin continues.

On this point I disagree most strongly. I shall be watching it in the comfort of my living room, while I suspect some other recipients of his begging email will be hot footing it across the country.

So, I guess I’ll refuse to donate (there is a link to a donate button no less than three times in his angry missive) and will save my money to buy a large glass of the bubbly stuff for my colleagues. We’re proud to have dug that grave the BNP’s is falling headfirst into.

Strom (with Griffin): Strom's a paedophile, don't you know.

Strom (with Griffin): Strom’s a paedophile, don’t you know.


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