The only way is out for Essex

Matthew Collins - 07 10 11
Griffin & Braun: Braun defends Griffin

Griffin & Braun: Braun defends Griffin

Thurrock BNP held a meeting last night. From the outset it appeared to be the usual sort of BNP meeting: No blacks, Asians or Jews were allowed to attend and there was a bit of argy-bargy in the car park afterwards too. (That might be to do with the large amount of alcohol that was consumed before, during and after the meeting.)

Collectively the group decided that they would not be renewing their party memberships when they expire at the end of the year. This has not gone down too well in the party leadership, as you can imagine.

The leadership’s current form suggests that having budgeted on Essex coming to the aid of the party that they’ve probably already gone out and spent the Nazi lucre on staples, bottles of cheap cider and glass coffee tables. And golf clubs.

The fall out started this morning when the combined forces of what is left of the BNP’s membership in Essex exchanged pleasantries.

Griffin’s infamous lap dog, Mick Braun of “spray pakis (sic) and poofs with hydrocholic (sic) acid” fame, described the decision as akin to when Rodney Trotter took over the tenants association in ‘Only Fools and Horses’. I assume it was that he was referring to, as apparently the other Griffin sycophant Clive Jefferson has also earned himself the moniker “Rodney” in honour of said show.

Karne McGinn of Thurrock BNP, formerly a racial comrade of Braun’s, hit back. Having been told by the impressively optimistic Braun that he and the rest of Thurrock BNP could be “replaced”, McGinn suggested that any replacements that Braun and Herr Griffin could drum up would be “ethnic candidates or maybe South American”.

Touché! That’s got to be a dig at “charismatic” Carlos Cortiglia, the formerly anti-British Uruguayan who is now standing for the BNP in the London Mayoral elections. Is he not ethnic too, by the way?

Warren Parrish, a veteran activist and candidate close to the BNP’s first councillor Derek Beackon announced that he would not be renewing his membership either, as the BNP was “no longer” the party that he trusted.

Braun reply was swift labelling Parrish a “Nazi” to which Parrish replied “The only reason I haven’t been active recently was that you showed up and f**ked everything up in Essex”.

Then there came a new angle. I’m going to refer to it from now on as the “Ferguson Factor”. I know that Sir Alex- a former shop steward and passionate trade unionist won’t appreciate it, but there then followed an analogy that Nick Griffin was a winner rather like the manager of Manchester United!

If the football analogies continue, there’s a small token of our appreciation available to the first person that can provide us with a picture of Clive Jefferson under an umbrella so that we can run the obligatory “Wally with a Brolly” headline.

Derek Beackon (glasse0 with Warren Parrish

Derek Beackon (glasse0 with Warren Parrish


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