Flogging a dying horse?

Matthew Collins - 11 10 11
Griffin: Dying horse/cash cow, it's all the same..

Griffin: Dying horse/cash cow, it’s all the same..

I’m beginning to lose count of how many videos from how many different locations the BNP has issued in the last 24 or so hours.

Of course, when they say they’re “answering the smears”, the BNP are not really doing any such thing. The evidence suggests that in fact, most BNP members are feeling quite uncomfortable while Nick Griffin waffles down the camera while being interviewed by another one of his guilty party.

Obviously the cynicism expressed here and in other quarters last night put paid to any pre-planned emergency appeals that the BNP may have been planning once their website mysteriously went off line, but there is no denying that despite the recent limit being placed by the racing industry on race horses being whipped too much, the BNP persists in still absolutely flogging their old nag to death.

Seriously, “Turn Smears into Cash” says one of their satellite sites today. More appropriate would surely be “We make cash disappear, no questions asked”. Or should that be “no questions answered”?

Nick Griffin was apparently “trending” very highly on twitter last night. Apparently most of it was abuse directed at him, while we’re very happy to see that national curry week is still at number five. I’m sure that must leave a nasty taste in someone’s mouth. That and paying the BBC license fee must really grind Griffin’s gears (sorry, I wasn’t going to mention his missing Skoda), because the BBC is according to one absolute senior BNP bore “one of the lynchpins of the entire multicult and globalist mind control machine…” I kid you not!

That would explain why the last thing of note that Nick Griffin ever wrote was about the BBC and the alleged Jewish conspiracy in it, right down to children’s television presenters.

Griffin also claimed last night that the BBC was apparently the largest contributor to women in this country being sent to prison-for non payment of their license fees, apparently! I did a check, and while there is a surprisingly high number of incarcerations for that, it is not true. However, women in general are imprisoned mainly for crimes where they actually pose no risk to the wider general public. Perhaps Griffin should be thanked for drawing attention to that? Of course, that was never his intention. What wishy-washy liberal nonsense would that be in his eye(s)?


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